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SBS French Antilles Grand Arome Rum

SBS French Antilles Grand Arome Rum

The SBS French Antilles Grand Arome Rum is a rare and unique rum that offers a heavy style of flavor, similar to the Jamaican high ester rum. This rum was specially selected for the UK Rum Club, making it an exceptionally limited release with only 29 bottles ever produced.

With its distinctive character, the Grand Arome Rum delivers big flavors and a strong tropical funk. It is a rum that stands out for its bold and intense taste profile, perfect for those who appreciate a robust and flavorful spirit.

Experience the rich and complex notes of this rare rum, which showcases the unique flavors of the French Antilles. The Grand Arome Rum is a true gem for rum enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering a taste that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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