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Flexisleep Ortho Pocket 1000 Electric Adjustable 6ft Super King Size Bed 2 x 3ft

Flexisleep Ortho Pocket 1000 Electric Adjustable 6ft Super King Size Bed 2 x 3ft

The Flexisleep Ortho Pocket 1000 Electric Adjustable Bed is a super king size bed that offers firm, yet comfortable support. The mattress features body contouring pocket springs and a deep pillow top for added comfort. It is hand tufted and has deep fillings that are securely held in place by nylon tapes.

The mattress also has a traditional sleep system made up of small diameter pocket springs, each housed in its own cloth sleeve. These springs move independently, providing piston-like support to each part of your body. This ensures that the load on one spring is not affected by neighboring springs, resulting in direct support at the point of contact.

The Ortho Pocket mattress is designed to be one-sided and does not require flipping. However, regular rotation will enhance its comfort, support, and lifespan. The bed also features a 5-way hinged mechanism that allows you to raise the head and foot ends together or separately to your desired position for added comfort and relief throughout the night.

The bed's slatted frame is fitted with lumber adjusters in the lower back area, allowing you to increase or decrease the firmness to your preference. Please note that the headboard is not included.

The bed's base details include a remote handset that allows you to find your perfect sleeping position at the touch of a button. The 5-way hinged mechanism offers unique customized support to all parts of the body. The flexible sprung slatted base has lumber adjusters to increase or decrease tension. The twin motor mechanism is strong and robust, designed for body weights up to 25 stone.

VAT exemption is available for those with a recognized long-term illness. Adjustable beds are available to all, but VAT will be added if you are not exempt.

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