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LA REDOUTE INTERIEURS Aubin Animal 20% Recycled Cotton Baby Duvet Cover

LA REDOUTE INTERIEURS Aubin Animal 20% Recycled Cotton Baby Duvet Cover

The Aubin bed linen, designed by La Redoute Interiors, features a super soft finish. The duvet cover showcases giraffes, bears, and elephants in hot air balloons, creating a whimsical atmosphere for toddlers. Made from 100% cotton with a 144 thread count, this duvet cover is both supple and soft. It also includes 20% recycled cotton, making it an eco-friendly choice.

The duvet cover is adorned with a striped bias finish and has a straight buttoned hem. It is machine washable at 40°C, ensuring easy maintenance. The size of the duvet cover is 80 x 120cm, suitable for a cot bed.

You can easily match this duvet cover with other bedding items in the range to create a stylish bedroom. Additionally, it can be mixed and matched with different colors and styles from our other bedding ranges, allowing you to create your own unique look.

Using recycled cotton in this duvet cover is a conscious effort to conserve resources and reduce waste. It is a sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

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