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Nails.INC I'm Just Glitter Ballin' 7-piece Nail Polish Set

Nails.INC I'm Just Glitter Ballin' 7-piece Nail Polish Set

This 7-piece nail polish set from Nails.INC is worth £105 and features a collection of party nail shades. Each shade tells a story of a fun night out, whether it's a glamorous burlesque show followed by a glittering after party or a champagne cocktail party and a delicious three-course dinner. It's the perfect set to grab with your friends and add a little sparkle to your nails!

  • Showstopping Style - a creamy nude shade
  • Next Day Brunching - a deep red shade
  • Dreaming of Decadence - an iridescent gold shade
  • 5 Star Review - a silver holographic shade
  • Chasing The Stars - a midnight sparkle shade
  • Insta Worthy Snaps - a dark berry shade
  • Retinol Top Coat

Add these stunning shades to your collection and create beautiful nail looks for any occasion. The set includes a range of colors from nudes to deep reds and sparkles, allowing you to express your personal style. The Retinol Top Coat adds a glossy finish and helps protect your nails. Get ready to shine and make a statement with Nails.INC I'm Just Glitter Ballin' Nail Polish Set!

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