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Emma Bridgewater Roses 6 Pint Jug - Unique Handmade & Handpainted English Earthenware Decorative Jug |

Emma Bridgewater Roses 6 Pint Jug

The Emma Bridgewater Roses 6 Pint Jug is a unique and handmade English earthenware decorative jug. It is beautifully handpainted, adding a touch of charm to any table setting. This versatile jug can be used to hold water, milk/cream, sauce, or even flowers as a quirky vase.

The jug is part of the Jugs & Pitchers collection by Emma Bridgewater. The collection includes a variety of hand-painted ceramic jugs, glass pitchers, and enamel sauce boats. Each piece is designed with a vintage style, adding a lively and colorful element to your table.

The Emma Bridgewater jugs come in different sizes, ranging from the ever-so-cute ΒΌ pint jugs to the ever-so-handy 6 pint jugs. They are all handmade and handpainted, available in various colors and designs.

The Roses 6 Pint Jug is perfect for displaying an abundance of roses. Whether you prefer an abundance, a profusion, a bouquet, or a bunch, this jug can hold them all. It is a beautiful and practical addition to any home.

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