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M&S 12 Piece Marlowe Dinner Set - Light Grey, Light Grey,White,Dark Grey

M&S 12 Piece Marlowe Dinner Set - Light Grey, White, Dark Grey

The Marlowe dinner set from M&S is a stylish and elegant choice for everyday dining. With a tonal glaze and understated ridged rims, this set adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting.

The set includes four dinner plates, four side plates, and four bowls, making it perfect for serving a complete meal. The porcelain material used in this dinner set has been treated with M&S's StayNew™ technology, which enhances its durability and chip resistance. This means that the set will maintain its pristine condition even after repeated use.

Additionally, the Marlowe dinner set is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after meals. It is also microwaveable, allowing you to conveniently heat up your food without transferring it to another dish.

Upgrade your dining experience with the M&S 12 Piece Marlowe Dinner Set - a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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