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Coolflex Hybrid ICE Mattress, Double

The Coolflex Hybrid ICE Mattress combines over 800 individually wrapped pocket springs and next-generation cool gel-infused memory foam for an unparalleled night's sleep. Each pocket spring moves independently, delivering bespoke, targeted support to different parts of your body. These springs also create unique sleeping zones, ensuring that each occupant experiences their own independent sleep surface. This design allows for movement within the bed without disturbing your partner.

A thick layer of cool gel-infused memory foam sits atop the pocket spring core, offering all the benefits of memory foam while helping to maintain optimal body temperature. This results in cloud-like comfort, pressure-relieving support, and a cool and fresh slumber.

The Hybrid ICE mattress is conveniently vacuum packed, rolled, and boxed for easy transportation to your room of choice. Once unpacked, it will be ready to use within 4 hours, with the final feel reaching its best around 48 hours. Purchase with confidence, as the Hybrid ICE mattress ships with a 5-year guarantee from Coolflex®.


  • Double Size
  • Over 800 Individually Wrapped Pocket Springs
  • Cool Gel-Infused Memory Foam
  • Unique Sleeping Zones
  • Vacuum Packed, Rolled, and Boxed
  • Ready to Use Within 4 Hours
  • Optimal Body Temperature Maintenance
  • 5-Year Guarantee from Coolflex┬«

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