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Millbrook Beds Millbrook Wool Sublime Pocket 4000 3ft Single Mattress

Millbrook Wool Sublime Pocket 4000 3ft Single Mattress

The Millbrook Wool Sublime Pocket 4000 3ft Single Mattress is a high-quality mattress with a medium to firm support. It features pocket springs and natural fillings, including Hampshire wool, cashgora wool, silk, and soft English spun cotton. The mattress has a chemical-free viscose cover and a hand-tufted finish to keep the fillings in place. The inclusion of a single black tuft in the corner indicates the use of the finest Hampshire wool.

The interior of the mattress consists of 1000 inner pocket springs and 1500 mini pocket tablet springs on both sides, providing enhanced support and comfort. The pocket springs are housed in their own cloth sleeves, allowing them to move independently and provide piston-like support to each part of the body.

This mattress also features side-stitching, a labor-intensive technique that sews the outer row of springs to the border of the mattress. This increases the sleeping surface and prevents the border from bowing out over time.

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