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Boss IR-2 Amp Simulator and Impulse Response Loader

BOSS IR-2 Amp Simulator and Impulse Response Loader

The BOSS IR-2 Amp Simulator and Impulse Response Loader offers 11 premium amp characters paired with Celestion Digital IRs for a versatile sonic range. The 32-bit floating-point processor and 96 kHz sampling rate ensure high-quality Boss modeling. This compact stompbox is suitable for live performances or studio setups, providing consistent tones through house PA systems or home studios. Customize your sound with Ambience Level, Gain, and 3-band EQ controls. The built-in effects loop allows for additional effects post-amp emulation, and you can load your cabinet IRs via USB. The amp and cab sections can function independently, offering extensive customization options, including the ability to switch between two amps/cabs with a footswitch. The unit also features a headphone out for silent practice, making it a versatile addition to any pedalboard.

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