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Gear4Music Modul Large Three Tier Studio Desk Black

Gear4Music Modul Large Three Tier Studio Desk Black

The Gear4Music Modul Large Three Tier Studio Desk is a versatile and efficient workspace designed for audio equipment and computer setups. Its triple-tiered shelving system offers a unique and well-thought-out workstation setup to accommodate all essential studio equipment.

The desk features a rugged solid steel Z-frame design and black laminate shelves, ensuring a reliable and professional-grade work surface that seamlessly fits into any home or studio environment. Built with high-quality materials, this desk is constructed for durability and longevity.

The three-tier system is designed to maximize workspace while accommodating equipment such as studio monitors, MIDI controllers, and outboard gear. It also includes two built-in 19" 4U rack units for added convenience.

With its elegant yet professional style, this desk provides an eye-catching design while offering a comfortable and reliable creative workspace for musicians, producers, and podcasters.

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