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Gear4Music Modul Modular Complete Studio System Black

Gear4Music Modul Modular Complete Studio System Black

The Gear4Music Modul Modular Complete Studio System is a versatile and comprehensive bundle designed for home recordists, mix engineers, graphic designers, influencers, YouTubers, and other creatives. It serves as the ultimate creative hub centrepiece, providing easy access to essential equipment and streamlining the creative process.

This complete system includes a desk, a 10U rack cabinet, two 3U modul rack units, and small and large drawers. With a combined 16U of rack space, users can conveniently store their preferred hardware such as channel strips, reverbs, delays, and compressors. This ensures that all necessary equipment is within reach.

The desk's width is specifically designed to accommodate two rack units and one drawer unit. It also features a pull-out shelf strong enough to support keyboards and MIDI controllers, allowing for easy access during writing, producing, and mixing sessions.

The system's innovative cable management system keeps power cables and other units out of sight, resulting in a tidy workspace. This feature enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of the studio setup.

Whether it's for professional or personal use, the Gear4Music Modul Modular Complete Studio System is a valuable addition to any home or living environment. It provides a versatile and organized workspace for various creative endeavors.

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