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Gear4Music VISIONDRUM-PRO Electronic Drum Kit with Stool Headphones & Bluetooth

Gear4Music VISIONDRUM-PRO Electronic Drum Kit

The VISIONDRUM-PRO Electronic Drum Kit with Stool is a 9-piece electronic kit suitable for all ages. It includes mesh pads for a realistic acoustic feel, with adjustable height settings to cater to both children and adults. The kit features a larger snare and floor tom pad, along with an additional 10" ride cymbal pad for enhanced versatility. Full-length hi-hat and kick drum pedals offer authentic playing experience. With 12 kits from Gear4music's DD500 series and 10 play-along songs, this kit provides a variety of options for drummers. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play along with your favorite songs from a smartphone or tablet.

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