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Ibanez SRD905F-BTL Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss

Ibanez SRD905F-BTL Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss

The Ibanez SRD905F-BTL is a bass guitar from the Bass Workshop project, designed for bass players looking for new sonic possibilities. It features a 5-piece Maple/Walnut neck for tonal clarity, a Panga Panga fretboard for tight low and mid-range tones, and an Exotic Maple top with Okoume body for a bright and powerful sound. Equipped with Nordstrand "Big Break" pickups and AeroSilk Piezo system, this bass offers a wide range of tonal textures. The 2-band EQ with Piezo active tone control allows precise sound shaping. The extended 30-fret neck provides access to upper register notes, making it versatile for exploring new sonic territories. The AeroSilk MR5 bridge enhances acoustic tone quality, and luminescent side dot position marks ensure visibility on dark stages.

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