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Leblanc LTS511 Avant Tenor Saxophone Gold Lacquer

Leblanc LTS511 Avant Tenor Saxophone Gold Lacquer

The Leblanc LTS511 Avant Tenor Saxophone in Gold Lacquer is a high-quality saxophone that offers exceptional sound and performance. Made from premium yellow brass, this saxophone features a post to rib to body construction, resulting in a complex and rich tone. The hand-adjusted neck, Pisoni Pro pads, and one-piece hand-hammered bell contribute to its superior sound quality.

This intermediate tenor saxophone has undergone several upgrades, including a proprietary 3-phase tone hole leveling process for long-lasting pad seating and stability. The blue steel needle springs provide a light and fast key action, while the ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease during technical passages.

The Leblanc LTS511 Tenor Saxophone is an ideal instrument for intermediate players seeking exceptional quality and performance. It offers a complex and projecting tone, professionally adjusted key action, easy response, and modern ergonomics. The saxophone is adorned with beautiful hand engraving, adding to its elegance both in appearance and performance.

The saxophone comes with a premium protective case featuring backpack straps and storage areas, making transportation and storage easy.

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