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Tama Superstar Classic 22 5pc Shell Pack Coffee Fade

Tama Superstar Classic 22 5pc Shell Pack Coffee Fade

The Tama Superstar Classic 22 5pc Shell Pack is inspired by Tama's iconic Superstar drum kit, known for its innovative design, superior build quality, and clear projection. This shell pack features carefully selected maple shells that produce a rich, warm tonal character with brilliant mid and high frequencies. The shells are designed for optimal tone, with a focus on shell molding and bearing edge shape to enhance ringing sustain and projection.

The Tama Star-Mount system ensures that the shells can resonate naturally without being muffled, allowing for full projection. Classic features from the original Superstar series are retained, including the Tama T-shape badge and streamlined low-mass lugs with a simple 70s-style design.

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