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Groom Professional Cologne Sampler Kit A

Groom Professional Cologne Sampler Kit A

Experience a variety of fragrances with the Groom Professional 200ml Cologne Sampler Kit A. This kit includes popular scents like Baby Fresh, Blue Lagoon, Princess, Star, Canine One, Original, Imperial, and Lavender Colognes. Baby Fresh offers a sweet Baby Powder smell, while Blue Lagoon provides a fresh aroma. Princess features sparkling and spicy notes, Star contains jasmine and rose perfume, Canine One has peach and jasmine notes, Original offers a fresh fragrance, Imperial is a daring male scent, and Lavender provides a relaxing scent. These long-lasting colognes are suitable for both male and female dogs, offering a range of options for grooming salons or home use.

  • Baby Fresh Cologne - Sweet Baby Powder scent
  • Blue Lagoon Cologne - Fresh aroma
  • Princess Cologne - Sparkling and spicy notes
  • Star Cologne - Jasmine and rose perfume
  • Canine One Cologne - Peach and jasmine notes
  • Original Cologne - Fresh fragrance
  • Imperial Cologne - Daring male scent
  • Lavender Cologne - Relaxing lavender scent

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