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Craghoppers Women's Verve Trousers Blue Navy

Craghoppers Women's Verve Trousers Blue Navy

The Craghoppers Women's Verve Trousers in Blue Navy are a contemporary outdoor trouser that is highly recommended for Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions. These trousers are designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a superb fit and comfort for year-round adventuring.

Constructed from stretchy sun-protective fabric with a splashproof finish, the Verve Trousers offer excellent protection from the elements. The fabric is also stretchy, allowing for freedom of movement during outdoor activities.

With their stylish design and practical features, these trousers are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're hiking, camping, or participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, the Craghoppers Women's Verve Trousers are a reliable and comfortable choice.

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